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What are the main types of drain damage that need repair?

Drain repair is usually the last thing a homeowner wants to think about, but unfortunately the pipework in London is often old and prone to damages that have been a long time in the making.
What are the main types of drain damage that need repair?
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The extent of a broken or collapsed drain can vary, but no matter the severity, it is essential to get it fixed promptly and with the intention of creating a long term solution to your problem, otherwise it can cause serious structural damages to your home and be more costly to fix.

Since any damage to the drainage systems that occurs before the sewage system is the homeowners responsibility, you need to make sure you have the absolute best drainage specialists on the job. At Environ Drainage Services, our drainage experts can solve your drain damage effectively and affordably with guaranteed long term results! We’ve created this guide to help you understand the main sources of damage that require drain repairs, so and how we can help!

• Collapsed or broken sections of pipes

Collapsed drains can occur from a number of sources, and can be very problematic since it means that waste water can be seeping into the surrounding area! If left unchecked by a professional drainage specialist, this can evolve into other issues, such as subsidence or mould in your property. Collapsed or broken drains are usually caused by excess pressure from ground movement that adds weight on top of the drains, as well as corrosion inside older drains. Collapsed drains tend to be more common in older buildings (although they can certainly occur in newer properties), but the effect of age brings on normal wear and tear that can cause damage. Fixing broken or collapsed pipes is imperative if you want to stop flooding, mould, or more extensive damage from affecting your home!

• Tree Root Ingress

If you live near a forested area or have trees in your yard, chances are that you will experience the effects of root ingress at some point! Tree roots are actively looking for water sources and nutrients, which means your drains and sewage pipes in particular are exactly what they want to break into. Root ingress will usually go for the joints of your pipes, or they can simply crack and break holes into the pipework itself, which causes damages and can allow sewage water to leak out into the surrounding area. Roots can equally grow and spread in previously broken drains that have been left unfixed, and fill them with soil. It is critical to repair these drains as quickly as possible to prevent further and more damaging side effects to occur, such as subsidence.

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    • Cracks and Fractures

    Cracks and fractures can appear in your drainage system and are definitely a cause for repair! Since many of the buildings and homes in London are over 20 years old at the very least, the drainage systems within them are subject to wear and tear over the years. Victorian clay pipes, for example, are particularly susceptible to cracks over time from ground movement or vibration from construction or heavy vehicles. These cracks allow waste water to flow out of the pipes and can cause erosion of the ground around your home. If you notice any of the indications of a broken pipe, call our specialists for emergency drain repair!

    How Environ Drainage Services can help locate and fix your damaged drains!

    At Environ Drainage Services, our highly trained drainage professionals are able to offer a number of solutions for drain repairs in London. A CCTV drain survey is the first step in evaluating whether or not you are suffering from damaged or collapsed pipes. From there, we can determine what the source of the problem is, from root ingress to cracks and fractures, in order to plan the most effective course of action so that you have guaranteed long term relief! Our services include:

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