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7 signs that you have a blocked or damaged drain, and why!

Noticing the signs of a blocked drain is the fastest way to getting the solution you need. It may be tempting to wait it out, but the longer you leave a blocked drain unattended, the more damage it can cause to the overall health of your drainage system!
7 signs that you have a blocked or damaged drain, and why!
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Knowing the signs and symptoms to look for means that you can get the help you need and get your drains flowing again as quickly and cost-effective as possible. Some problems can be solved by a quick at-home DIY fix, but most of the time you need an experienced and professional drainage company like us to get your drains back on track! Here is a simple list of the most common signs to look for if you think you have a blocked or damaged drain:

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• Bad smells coming from your drains

Bad odour coming from your drains is one of the most obvious signs and very difficult to ignore. It can also be the first thing you notice before any physical signs of a blocked drain emerge! The unpleasant smell is caused by bits of food waste and organic matter that clog your pipes and start to decompose over time. The awful smell will often be noticeably worse when you attempt to run the faucet because it stirs up the bacteria.

Another unpleasant smell that you may encounter is that of sewage in and around the house. If you continue to smell this after your drains have been jetted, then a CCTV drain survey should be conducted to see if you have a damaged or collapsed pipe somewhere in your drainage system. If you smell something off, don’t hesitate to call us to determine what is causing the odour!

• Gurgling noises when water is trying to go down the drain

Pay attention to the sounds that your home appliances are making! If you hear a gurgling noise when flushing the toilet or water is trying to go down the drain, this is usually an early sign that there is a blockage that is obstructing the flow of water. The gurgling noises coming from air being trapped in the drain that is escaping when you try to run water. An expert drainage engineer will be able to locate where the gurgling sound is coming from and what is causing it.

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    • Slow drainage in appliances like your sink, toilet or bath

    If you start to notice that water is draining away from your sink, toilet, or bath, much slower than usual this could definitely be an indication of blocked drains. Dirt, debris, and grease build-up can clog your drains to the point that your water takes far longer than normal to go down, or may not go down the drain at all. This can also cause the gurgling sound we mentioned above, so if the two are happening together, you should seek professional help to unblock your drains.

    It’s important to note that if you have slow drainage in just one appliance, then it may just be the pipe connected to that particular source. If it’s more than one, it could be a sign that the blockage is in the sewer drain.

    • Rising water in your toilet

    If your toilet water continues to rise when you are trying to flush it, this could mean you have a blocked drain. Plunging it may solve the problem, but if it doesn’t and the water continues to rise to the point of overflowing, then a more serious issue may be the cause. Similar to slow drainage, rising water in toilets can also have the side effect of a gurgling sound, so keep an ear out for that as well. Blocked toilet drains can often be the cause of nappies, “flushable” wipes, or other sanitary products that should not be flushed down the drain! Call our expert drainage specialists who can help identify the problem and fix it quickly.

    • Standing water in your drains

    Standing water in your drains is a surefire way of knowing that you have a drainage issue. There should be a manhole on every property, allowing you to lift it up (but never go in it! Leave that to the professionals) and see if there’s any standing water.

    Even a small amount of water can be an indicator that your drains are not working properly, and can lead to other inconvenient problems such as mosquitos or sewage back up. Be sure to check under your manhole cover every couple of months to make sure there is no standing water, and if there is, give us a call to come to fix it before problems get worse!

    Damaged Drains

    • Signs of damp

    Signs of damp on your walls or floor are a telltale sign of more serious drain damage, such as collapsed or cracked drains. Often, the leak in the drain will cause damp that is localised to specific areas. This occurs when a cracked or collapsed drain allows water to flow into the surrounding area and can lead to more troubling side effects like penetrating damp, wet rot, and mould.

    In cases of damp, it is imperative to find the source of the leak and to fix the problem to avoid any further damage to your home. If you notice any of the mentioned symptoms, you should call our local drainage experts to get to the root of the problem as quickly as possible.

    • Subsidence, cracks and structural damage

    Subsidence is one of the more visual symptoms and can be one of the most damaging and expensive side effects of a broken pipe if not properly dealt with. When a damaged or cracked pipe continuously leaks water, it can soften the soil around the property and lead to subsidence and structural damage. From the outside, you may notice a slum in the ground or an overly green patch of grass from where the sewage water could be leaking.

    Our drainage specialists are well equipped to handle issues of this nature, so if you see anything to indicate you may have a broken or cracked pipe that is causing subsidence, call us immediately!

    What you can do to avoid broken and blocked drains:

    Keeping your drains clean and healthy can avoid the inconvenient and bothersome problems that can come from a broken or blocked drain. Do your best to not throw any food, waste, or anything down the drains or toilets that do not belong there! If you start to notice any indications that you could be experiencing a blocked or damaged drain, then call our Environ Drainage Services office and to let us help with our exceptional drainage services and expert drainage specialists today!

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