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How to get rid of rats in your drains!

Finding rats in your home is anyone’s worst nightmare. Rodents are skilled at entering your home through a number of methods, but one that is often ignored by homeowners is the access your drainage system can provide to rats! Broken, redundant, or damaged drains within your drainage system can provide the ideal setting for a rat to create an entry point into your property.
How to get rid of rats in your drains
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Continue reading to find out how rats can enter your home through your drainage system, what signs to look for, and how Environ Drainage Services can rid your home and drains of rats!

How can rats enter your home through your drainage system?

Drains and sewers are the ideal places for rodents to live, so the presence of rats in London’s underground sewage system is far from a new problem. Rats will often use connecting pipes within these drainage systems to explore in search of food, and can eventually work their way into your home by digging through redundant or damaged pipes.

Rats are fully capable of running up drains and twisting around a U-bend, so even the tiniest gaps in your drains can allow a rat to slip through and maneuver their way into unwanted areas! More often than not, homeowners are unaware of the issues that a damaged or poorly installed a drainage system can cause, especially in regards to the risk of being vulnerable to rat infestations. Broken, damaged, and redundant pipes need to be repaired immediately and effectively by one of our expert drainage engineers in order to stop rodents from having access to your home through your drainage system.

Signs that rats may be coming in through your drainage system

If you think you may have rats coming in through your drainage system, chances are that you have already noticed some of the main indications that rats are in your home! Telltale signs of a rat infestation are:

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    • Rat droppings or the smell of rat urine
    • Chewed up paper and food packets
    • Scratching sounds under your floorboards or walls
    • Gnawed holes in your walls
    • Nests
    Since your drainage system is below ground, it may be difficult to immediately assume that the point of entry for rats entering your home is through defective pipes! The first step is to thoroughly check your property for any points of entry, such as holes in your brickwork or holes in your loft or basement. If you can’t find any indication that this is the source, then chances are these rodents are entering your home through your drainage system!

    Do you need a pest control expert or professional drainage engineers?

    Generally speaking, pest control experts are the best equipped to handle rat infestation problems in your home. However, when it comes to rats in your drainage system, a professional drainage engineer will have the particular skill set needed to access and fix your damaged drains far better than a pest controller can.

    At Environ Drainage Services, we offer both pest control and drainage expertise! Environ was one of the first companies to correlate the presence of rats in a home with damaged drainage systems. By combining the knowledge of our pest control specialists at our sister company, Environ Property Services, and our drainage experts at Environ Drainage Services, we have developed a wealth of experience when it comes to dealing with rat infestations in your drainage system which allows us to tackle both problems at the same time!

    How Environ Drainage Services can solve your rat problem!

    If you feel that you have a rat problem and you think it may be coming from your drainage system, then we encourage you to call our friendly office staff today so that we can set up an appointment for our drainage specialists to come out and solve your current issue and prevent it from happening again! Here are the steps we take in order to rid your drains and your home of rats.

    Step 1: CCTV Drain Survey

    The first step we take in identifying the cause of your rat infestation is to use a CCTV drain survey to inspect your entire drainage system. Using a small state-of-the art camera, we can navigate your drains in search of any rats, broken drains, redundant pipes, or any other damages within your drainage system that may be allowing rodents to enter your home. Once we’ve done that, we can make a recommendation of how we can fix your drains.

    Our expert drainage team is equipped to handle any problem, from a small fix such a rodent blocker all the way to installing a new manhole if needed! We can either do it on-site, or we can set up a separate appointment to fix them at your convenience.

    Step 2: Trap and remove the rats that currently live in your drains

    Before we can fix any damage to your drainage system, it’simperative that we remove the rats that are in your drains first. We make it a point to never use poisons when removing rats so that you don’t experience the unpleasant effects of a decomposing rodent body or the flies and smell that can come with it! Instead, we place traps to remove them so that your drains are clear and ready to be repaired.

    Step 3: Repair your defective drains

    Depending on the damage we find in your drains, whether its cracked pipes, broken or collapsed drains, or redundant piping, we will offer you our expert recommendation for the best course of action to repair the problem. Our drain repair services are carried out by our highly trained drainage engineers, who have extensive experience with any drain repair you may need. Generally, we can reline your drains to make them good as new, or we offer drain replacement solutions to make sure that they are watertight and inaccessible to rodents once again.

    Step 4: Have our sister company Environ Pest Control eradicate rats in your home!

    Once we have repaired and sealed all entry points that rats have used to access your home from your drainage system, it’s time to make sure your home is free of rats as well. Our sister company, Environ Pest Control, are experts in pest control and rat removal. Once we’ve completed your works, Environ Pest Control will follow up with the best treatment plan to rid your home of rats!

    Call our friendly office staff now, or request a call back to remove your pesky rodent problem and fix your drain problems today!

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